Brontësque is a typeface designed around an artefact found on the cover of a German type specimen book called 'Erbar Grotesk' by Lugwig and Mayer. This book was printed in the 1920's, when WW1 came to a halt. During WW1, German propaganda posters were released with Grotesque-looking typefaces.
The harsh qualities of this typeface signifies that it was influenced by not only the graphic design, but also the grim events that occurred during the war. Art Deco was also a style of this time period. This protrudes through the exaggerated roundness of the letters C, G, O and Q.
Brontësque is a type specimen book, which serves as a 'flipbook' —one half is English edition, the other half is German edition. All spreads were screenprinted at AUT University.
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